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Saw manufacturing already had a long tradition in Beltheim when Johann Peter Nick ventured into self-employment in 1897 and founded his own company. The high-quality wood jigsaws he produced were in demand abroad right from the start and exported to North America even then.

Through continuous improvement of the products, driven by the quest for the perfect tool, NIQUA® became the world leader in fretsaws for the woodworking industry. Thousands of customers in more than 140 countries have trusted the unique quality of our fretsaws and the well-known NIQUA® brands for many decades.



NIQUA®‘s brand world for woodworking tools


NIQUA® Fix Reverse

NIQUA® Speed

Pinguin Silber

Pinguin Silber Reverse

Pinguin Weiß

Pinguin Gold

Pinguin Gold Flat

Pinguin Gold New Spiral

NIQUA® Twister

NIQUA® Top Cut

Tempo Record

NIQUA® Ultra


Pulger’s Spiral

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NIQUA® Jewellery Polishing

NIQUA® Jewellery Pliers

NIQUA® Jewellery burs, drills & beading tools

NIQUA® Jeweller’s Saw Frames

NIQUA® Jewellery Saw Blades

NIQUA® full range of Jewellery and wood working tools


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