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World market leader for jewellery tools from the Rhine

125 years of NIQUA® - From Germany to the entire world

Joachim Nick, CEO and Owner

Sawtooth by sawtooth...

...laboriously carved by hand into a fine, thin wire - that‘s how the first fretsaw blades were manufactured at the end of the 19th century in Beltheim, home of NIQUA® headquarters. A skilled worker could produce around 300 to 350 blades a day.

Today, NIQUA® produces several hundred thousand special tools for the jewellery and wood industries every day at three locations  in Germany and Switzerland.

NIck + QUALity = NIQUA®

World-renowned jewellery makers, small manufactories, laboratories, importers and wholesalers around the globe rely on the high-quality tools. Right from the beginning, when Johann Peter Nick founded the company in 1897, everything revolved around “Quality made in Germany”. This remains true to this day.

Joachim Nick, who has managed the company in the 5th generation since 2007, also unconditionally follows his great-great-grandfather‘s credo that every product of the brand must meet the highest quality and precision standards.

This objective has enabled NIQUA® to become the world‘s leading manufacturer of jewellery tools, saw blades and burs.

From Australia to Zambia

Producing fretsaws is not the only long-standing tradition at NIQUA®, but also their export. A connection to America was established early on via two emigrant fretsaw makers, so Johann Peter Nick already had an eye on the big pond when he founded his company “for the export of metal fretsaws to the USA”.

In 1937, under the baton of Jakob Nick, the company exported to more than 50 countries and all major cities like New York, Hong Kong, Montreal, Sydney, Calcutta, Cape Town, Sao Paulo and Saigon. Back then, exports accounted for 80% of production.

In the 3rd and 4th generations, Walter Nick and Günter Nick increased the volume of exports to 90% and 100 countries in 2000. Under the management of the 5th generation, NIQUA® has quadrupled turnover, supplies customers in 140 countries, and sells some 98% of all products abroad.


For 125 years:

Closely connected to its homeland

Rooted in the region
NIQUA® exports throughout the world and continues to expand. In 1991, the neighboring company Pulger, Bonfigt & Co. was acquired, in 2014 N&N Swiss Burs was founded in Switzerland, and in 2021 the family of companies was extended through the addition of NIQUA® Italy. Further subsidiaries are planned, but despite the expansion, NIQUA®‘s headquarters are still located where the company was originally founded.

Committed to the good of the community

To this day, a large part of the workforce still
comes from the neighborhood. Some employees have been with NIQUA® for four decades, while some families have remained loyal to the company for 3 generations.

In return, the family business, now in its 5th generation, also feels a close bond to the people in the region - whether it involves secure jobs, revenue for the community, donations to clubs, new equipment
for the fire department or volunteer work.


New representative office in Italy

With some 110 employees at all locations, however, NIQUA® is now reaching the limits of its capacities. Expansion in the medium term is therefore unavoidable and is to be combined with the merger of the three production sites in Germany and Switzerland.

Hand in hand with these plans was the opening of the company‘s first flagship store in Valenza, south of Milan. The goal being to provide the best possible service to customers on site.


Our mission as a world-class company: to provide you with ultimate precision, uncompromising quality and ideas that drive your business success.

NIQUA® has been manufacturing precision fretsaw blades for the goldsmith and woodworking industry since 1897. Today we offer a comprehensive range of products for all areas of jewelry processing and woodcraft. Our high-quality tools and accessories are trusted by importers and wholesalers, laboratories and manufactories in over 140 countries.

Now in the 5th generation, we are still committed to the values of our family business and combine our pursuit of constant innovation with all-round service. As our customer, you benefit from forward-looking products that incorporate 120 years of market experience and the support of a competent, dedicated team.

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