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Working together for success

Global leadership through good teamwork

Some 80 employees in NIQUA®‘s production department make sure you can rely on the unrestricted excellence of our fretsaws, fretsaw blades and goldsmith’s tools. A number of them have been working with us for four decades, and some are even in the 3rd generation. NIQUA®‘s worldwide renowned quality stems from this strong bond and employee identification with our company.

All employees are specialists in their field

Our team combines the know-how and expertise of the “old hands” with the curiosity and innovative ideas of our junior staff. This mix of generations from highly diverse areas of craftsmanship gives rise to the tremendous innovative power that is associated with NIQUA®. Without our team and its enormous wealth of experience we would not be what we are today: world leaders in the production of metal and wood fretsaws.

Looking to the future together

The company management and team work hand in hand on refinements. Our common goal is never to stand still, to react flexibly to changes and to accept new challenges with enthusiasm. We all pull together to continuously implement innovations that help our customers advance.


Owner and Managing Director Joachim Nick

Since the company was founded in 1897, it has always passed from father to son. NIQUA® is 100% family-owned and currently managed in the 5th generation by Joachim Nick. As an independent company, we are free to decide and act for the benefit of the company and our employees. Cordial relationships characterized by respect and mutual support have been at the heart of our company philosophy for over 120 years.


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