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When NIQUA®was founded in 1897, the focus was on fretsaws “Made in Germany” for the woodworking industry. Industrialization and new developments in fretsaw production enabled us to refine our saw blades more and more. We achieved dimensions of 0.16 x 0.32 mm, and with these precision tools made a particularly strong impression in the jewelry and goldsmith industry worldwide.

Today, NIQUA®is represented in over 140 countries with its premium brands for jeweler and goldsmith accessories and is well established at the top of the world market for jewelry tools. From the original range of fretsaw blades, a broad portfolio ranging from jewelry fretsaws, milling cutters, beading tools, saw frames, files, pliers and engraving tools to brushes, polishers and polishing pastes has evolved – and continues to grow.



NIQUA®‘s brand world for jeweler and goldsmith tools


SUPER Q® Sägen

NIQUA® Record


Golden Eye



Herkules weiß




SUPER Q® Bohrer

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