Fretsaw and tool-making factory since 1897

When Johann Peter NIck committed himself to QUAlity

In 1897, Johann Peter Nick founded NIQUA® GmbH. A combination of NICK and QUALITY. Then as now, in the 5th generation of our family business, the name says it all.


NIQUA® in the early days: mastering all crises with dependable quality and loyal employees

The First and Second World Wars, the Great Depression, the financial crisis: over the course of more than a century, NIQUA® has experienced a great deal and grown to meet the challenges. Thanks to our roots in the small Hunsrück village of Beltheim, we still benefit today from the great experience of the people on site, who as employees contribute their invaluable knowledge, sometimes over decades and also across generations. This spirit of cooperation has enabled us to keep the company on track for success even in difficult times.


NIQUA® today: global market leader for metal and wood fretsaws

In 1991 we successfully acquired our then competitor PULGER, BONFIGT & CO., and further extended our success in the production of fretsaws and tools for jewelers and goldsmiths. In addition to fretsaw blades for wood and metal, NIQUA® now offers a wide range of goldsmith and jeweler tools. Our continuous efforts in further enhancing our products and the highest demands on quality create a portfolio that impresses our customers throughout the world.


NIQUA® tomorrow: still the partner of trust for jewelers and goldsmiths

The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder and our ancestors also motivates us, the 5th NIQUA generation, to continue upholding the values of our family-owned company. By increasing our own production and the trading program, we aim to continue meeting our customers’ high quality demands in the future and fulfilling the expectations that are associated with the name NIQUA® all over the world.



Company building around 1934

Exhibition stand at the Cologne hardware fair approx. 1971

Kindergarten group with caregivers visiting 1945

Company outing 1955


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