Jigsaw and tool factory since 1897

That's when Johann Peter Nick made his personal commitment to quality.

NIQUA GmbH was founded in 1897 by Johann Peter Nick. A new word created from NICK and QUALITY. Then as now, in the 5th generation as a family business, our name is our agenda.

NIQUA yesterday: Economic crises were mastered with consistent quality and exceptional management.

The First and Second World Wars, the Great Depression and other financial crises. For over one hundred years, NIQUA has gone through a lot, but has risen to all the challenges. In 1991, we were able to take over our one-time competitor, PULGER, BONFIGT & CO., and to continue building on our success as a manufacturer of jigsaws and tools for jewelers and goldsmiths.

NIQUA today: Global market leader in piercing saws for metal; supplier of high-quality goldsmith tools.

In addition to jigsaw blades for wood and metal, NIQUA, today, also provides a wide spectrum tools for jewelers and goldsmiths. The most stringent quality controls guarantee our customers the consistently high quality of each individual article in our wide-ranging product line.

NIQUA tomorrow: Still the most reliable partner for jewelers and goldsmiths.